PRISM Operation Real Time Report

The last unpdate of this blog
Three days have passed since PRISM was launched.

These days sometimes seemed very short for us, but also sometimes seemed very long.
Anyway, however, it was a very precious time.
We deeply appreciate the warm heart of everyone who has supported us, without anyone of whom, we not could not have had such magic hours.

But the true satellite project begins after it was launched.
We will continue to make an effort from now on toward the aim to achieve the imaging mission and to open up a new page of picosatellite development,

As the satellite project has moved into its operation phase, this blog, "PRISM Operation Real Time Report," will also finish its role.
The future operation information will be updated on the web page of the ISSL Ground Station and If we will plan to do important operation events, we will publish on the main web page of PRISM too.
Please check them.

Finally, thank you very much again for your support!
Please keep on watching PRISM warmly.

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