PRISM Operation Real Time Report

03:00 Cheers!

02:45 Project manager position is transfered from Komatsu to Shimizu.
02:45 The end of development phase and the start of operation phase is declared.

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High Speed Downlink (FM packet)
02:05 (JST) Today's all operation task review: Current satellite status is almost normal.
01:35 (JST) Data analysis is started.
CW decode

01:16 (JST) GS receiver channel is open for the satellite beacon.

01:00 (JST) OBJECT B is seleted for the track target.
00:30 (JST) ISSL GS starts preparing for the operation. Next operation is for CW.

00:15 (JST) Operation task review.
23:56 (JST) FM packet reply is confirmed. Data analysis is started.
orbit analysis

23:38 (JST) Arrival of Mr. Nojiri.
23:35 (JST) GS receiver channel is open for the satellite beacon.
23:25 (JST) This time also OBJECT B is targeted for track
23:05 (JST) ISSL GS prepares for the operation.
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CW Beacon is Received.
22:45 (JST) Operation task review meeting. Satellite status is normal and it spins slowly.
22:45 (JST) Arrival of Dr. Sugawara and Mr. Inui.
22:45 (JST) Arrival of Kitano-seisakusyo
22:15 (JST) CW signal is received at ISSL station.

22:10 (JST) Arrival of Dr. Enokuchi.
22:10 (JST) Open channel for CW beacon at ISSL station.
22:00 (JST) Morse code decoder machines.

21:30 (JST) PRISM attiude is stable according to instantaneous data.
21:15 (JST) ISSL GS starts preparing for the operation. (AOS is 22:15)
21:10 (JST) Arrival of Mr. Takei.
21:00 (JST) Operation meeting about orbit determination and new orbit elements are selected.

20:58 (JST) Arrical of Mr. Cheng
20:53 (JST) Beacon signal is received at Kiruna station.
20:25 (JST) Arrival of Mr. Nakada
20:10 (JST) Arrival of Mr. Chikura.
19:33 (JST) Solar cell panels deployment was confirmed.

19:25 (JST) Arrival of Dr. Funase.
19:18 (JST) Kiruna station is under operation.->Operation was fine. Data is under investigation.

19:00 (JST) Information exchange between ISSL and Taiwan station.

18:45 (JST) Satellite status estimation and discussion about next operation.
18:10 (JST) Many congratulatory messages and report requests.

18:00 (JST) Data analysis.->Satellite is alive. Precise analysis is going on.
17:58 (JST) Report to Prof. Nakasuka.
17:42 (JST) PRISM CW beacon is received at Kiruna station via GSN.
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Satellite tracking
17:42:16 (JST) Beacon is received at Kiruna groun station via GSN.
17:30 (JST) Temporary change of operational control.

17:30 (JST) Preparing for freshman's training course.

17:00 (JST) Waiting for next task.

--:-- PRISM(EM)

15:30 (JST) Break for a while.

15:00 (JST) Operation meeting.

14:33 (JST) First PRISM visit but no signal due to low elevation.
14:32 (JST) Prof. Nakasuka has come.
14:25 (JST) Open radio channel and wait for the signal.
14:20 (JST) Final checkout for the operation.
13:55 (JST) NHK reporters have arrived.

13:46 (JST) Start sending CW radio beacon (automatic sequence).
13:43 (JST) Time for PRISM leaves from the rocket.
13:35 (JST) One hour before the satellite will come to Japan.
13:30 (JST) Press interview
13:25 (JST) End of JAXA TV.
13:02 (JST) Prof. Nakasuka is back to the room and soon goes to the lecture.
13:00 (JST) Start preparing for the operation.

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